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Build the shower of your dreams with a custom shower system. Create the shower you want with easy-to-build materials. Make your shower renovation easy with a shower system below.

Featuring Schluter Shower Systems and Schluter Individual Components including drains and shower kits in all finishes, along with everything you need for an incredible shower!

To finish your shower, we carry Better Bench Products, Recess It Shelving,Bostic Premixed Grout, CeramaSeal Caulk Hydroment, and various cleaning products.

Bathrooms are one of the primary focuses of today’s building and remodeling projects. Not only are tiled showers luxurious and beautiful they allow for flexibility when installing the latest features such as benches, shelves, niches, multiple shower heads and steam units. Tile and grout joints are not waterproof! Moisture that penetrates these areas and collects in the wall cavities or floor structure is the primary cause of mold, mildew and leaks. In order to create a tiled shower that will last a lifetime a waterproofing system is needed beneath the tile. The Schluter-Shower System is a complete easy to install waterproofing system. The Schluter-Systems shower assembly eliminates the risk of failures due to both vapor and water penetration, is maintenance free, and dramatically reduces total installation time. The integrated Schluter Shower System ensures success and makes shower installation easier than ever. As an Authorized Schluter Dealer we carry all sizes of the shower kits in stock along with most finishes of the Schluter KERDI-DRAIN. If a kit is not what you need we carry all of the components individually as well. To further eliminate the risk of mold and mildew we recommend using TruColor Premixed Grout by Bostik. TruColor contains Bostik’s Blockade™ antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew on the surface of the dried grout and enables it to resist stains caused by mold. TruColor’s quartz aggregate is color coated to ensure perfect color consistency every time; unlike other grouts that contain loose color pigments which can cause staining or be washed away. To individualize your shower space we stock all of the Innovis Better Bench products and Recess-its.