Troba 1/2 Drainage System


Troba 1/2 Drainage System



Troba 1/2 Drainage System

Available in the Following:

  • TROBA 3’3″X3’3″ 10.73 SF/SHEET – MAP Price: $19.89
  • TROBA 3’3″X65’7″ 215 SF/ROLL – MAP Price: $353.88
  • TROBA 3’3″X41′ 135 SF/ROLL – MAP Price: $277.75


Schluter®-TROBA is a reliable and permanently effective drainage system for use over sloped waterproofing layers. It consists of a pressure-stable polyethylene sheet with perforated studs that form vault-like cavities between the waterproofing layer and the mortar bed. Any water penetrating the tile covering and the mortar bed passes through the perforations located at the sides of the trapezoid-shaped studs to the sloped waterproofing layer, where it runs off freely through the cavities to the drainage exit.


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3'3"X3'3" 10.73 SF/SHEET, 3'3"X65'7" 215 SF/ROLL, 3'3"X41' 135 SF/ROLL


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