Schluter Systems

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Schluter® Shower System Installation Handbook

Schluter®- KERDI Shower Systems include the following:

  • Schluter®-KERDI-DRAIN
  • Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-ST
  • Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-SC
  • Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-SR
  • Schluter®-KERDI, Schluter®-KERDI-BAND
  • Schluter®-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT
  • Schluter®-KERDI-FIX

Schluter® Systems Waterproofing, Uncoupling, and Drainage Systems include the following:

  • Kerdi Bands
  • Kerdi Waterproof Membranes
  • Ditra
  • Kerdi Kereck F
  • Kerdi KM
  • Kerdi Fix
  • Troba/Troba Plus
  • Kerdi Pipe & Valve Seals

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